Bank Transfer

Donate via bank transfer.

Beneficiary’s Name: ASSOCIATION KAYANY

Account Number: 566714 504 003 023 06

Beneficiary Address: Starco Center , 4th Floor , Omar Daouk Street

IBAN: LB 31 0001 0005 6671 4504 0030 2306

Beneficiary Bank Name: FRANSABANK SAL

Swift Code: FSABLBBX

Beneficiary Bank Address: Starco Branch – Beirut, Lebanon

Beneficiary Telephone Number: 01/367346

Friends of KAYANY

Donate online to a trusted partner.

Friends of Kayany is a US-based public charity under section 501(c)(3) that shares the same charitable goal of educating Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

Donations to Friends of Kayany may be deductible under the U.S. Internal Revenue Service Code.

Friends of Kayany is a separate entity and abides by U.S. rules and regulations applying to charitable organizations. For more information, please visit Friends of Kayany.

Friends of Kayany